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Angela Smith MP meets and backs Yorkshire protesters joining the Westminster Rally

Angela Smith MP meets and backs Yorkshire protesters joining the Westminster Rally as anger grows over PM’s attempt to shut down Parliament

Two coachloads of protestors have travelled down from Yorkshire to Westminster tomorrow to join supporters from around the country as MPs return for one of the most crucial Parliamentary sessions in modern history.

Following the spectacular success of last weekend’s rallies - when thousands of protesters took to the streets of in Leeds, Sheffield, York and Hull they are now taking their campaign to Parliament.

The initiative is being organised by Yorkshire for Europe, an alliance of 14 pro EU groups across the Yorkshire and the Humber region. One of the organisers, Richard Sadler, said:

“We’ve had five rallies outside Parliament in recent months – but this will be by far the most important and we’re expecting to be joined by thousands of supporters from across the North, Scotland, Wales, the Midlands, the South West and London.

“Boris Johnson’s latest antics have succeeded in uniting the opposition. People are outraged and angered that our unelected Prime Minister is trying to shut down Parliament to force through a catastrophic No Deal Brexit that’s in no one’s interests and for which there’s no mandate.”

The group plans to hand deliver open letters to the region’s 54 MPs urging them to resist the proposed prorogation of Parliament and to form cross party alliance to block No Deal.

The letter says: “We are outraged that our unelected Prime Minister, whose closest advisor has been found in contempt of Parliament, is seeking to shut down parliamentary scrutiny on an issue of unparalleled importance to the lives of your constituents.

“This is an abuse of power that tramples over our valued principle of rule of law, and resembles the action of a dictator, not a democrat. “

It adds: “We are alarmed by the scorched earth policy being pursued by the Prime Minister and the reckless extremists in his Cabinet who seem prepared to sacrifice anything on the altar of Brexit – our health and wellbeing, our access to essential medicines, our living standards, our trade and industry, our economy, our good relations with our friends and neighbours and our standing in the world.”

Louise Houghton, chair of South & West Yorkshire for Europe, said:

"We have always known that Brexit was part of a wider attack on democracy, to destabilise the EU and the UK. In the last week it has become clearer than ever that we have to stop this takeover by the far right."

Angela Smith MP, said:

“I was delighted to meet these campaigners from Yorkshire and I fully back their campaign to stop the shut down of Parliament. A no deal Brexit would be a disaster for Yorkshire, and I intend to do all I can to stop such a Brexit. The Prime Minister has no mandate for no deal and he cannot be allowed to force this on the UK.”

Supporters from Yorkshire will be joined by the Yorkshire Remain Voice choir, accompanied by a conductor, stringed instruments and a brass section. The choir - whose performances of anti-Brexit songs in Westminster, Brussels and towns and cities across the region have been viewed more than 30,000 times on social media - have challenged colleagues from Cornwall for Europe for a sing-off outside Parliament.

  • On Saturday Lord Heseltine will top the bill at a major conference, the Great Northern Stop Brexit Conference, organised by Leeds for  Europe